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Outside of the brief period of time in kindergarten when I imagined being a painter or a writer when I grew up, I have always wanted to work as a healthcare professional. During my time as an undergraduate student, I studied behavioural neuroscience and philosophy to better understand the different ways humans interact with the world around them. At the same time, I had a growing interest in healthy living and natural medicine. After exploring various roles in the healthcare field, I decided to pursue naturopathic medicine. I appreciated the array of treatment modalities, from nutrition to pharmaceuticals, the focus on preventative medicine, and how health is viewed as more than the absence of bothersome symptoms.

The journey to becoming a naturopathic physician took me from my home province of Newfoundland to beautiful British Columbia. Growing up in Newfoundland instilled a love of coastlines, exploring wilderness, eating local food, and gatherings with friends and family. It is inspiring to live and work in Victoria where these early loves are able to flourish, with the bounty of local foods, endless hiking trails, and surrounding ocean.